Millennials – What Millennials Are Doing Right


Millennial Series

Welcome to the conversation. This is Deeper, a podcast considering the forces that shape our culture. In the current series, Deeper’s hosts David Russell, Payton Minzenmayer, and Lex Moore are exploring the culture shaping generation of millennials. For more, go to the Deeper website at

In this episode, the guys discuss what millennials are doing right! Millennials often get categorized and labeled for their bad attributes, but there are plenty of commendable qualities in millennials. From their relentless drive to their fearlessness of taking risks, the guys breakdown all the things that other generations can learn from millennials.

What are millennials doing right?

  1. Millennials possess a relentless drive.
  2. Millennials are constantly looking to improve.
  3. Millennials put freedom before possessions.
  4. Millennials take risks.
  5. Millennials are not afraid to challenge authority.
  6. Millennials are motivated by ‘Why,’ not ‘What.’

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