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Body Image – 3/20/17

Millions of people are affected by negative body image. From this, low self-esteem, plastic surgery, and body-alterations are trending. What part of our media and culture is contributing to negative body image? The epidemic of negative body image has become a popular discussion and the discussion has led to changes in our culture, like plus-size models and the discouragement of photoshopped images. With Megan King of Crossings Community Church we dive deeper into the hot topic of negative body image.

La La Land – 3/27/17

The award-winning movie La La Land hums a nostalgic tune about dreams with which the audience is left feeling both happy and uncomfortable. Sometimes the happy ending isn’t a fairytale ending. Discuss with us as we dance through La La Land to see the sacrifices that often take place to either pursue our dreams or compromise them.

The Bachelor – TBD

JFK Assassination – TBD

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Poetry – TBD

We are meeting with David Bowden, author of When God isn’t There. Get your copy today

Late Night Talk Shows – TBD

Beauty and the Beast – TBD

Ghost in the Shell – TBD

Cryptozoology – TBD