Launch Day Challenge

Launch day, January 2nd, is just a few days away and will be here before we know it. We are offering a reward for your support and help getting the word out. Here is the challenge: 25 Reviews on iTunes 50 Social Media Shares 75 Downloads of our launch day …

Pre-Launch Intro

Welcome to Deeper! Lex Moore, Payton Minzenmayer, and David Russell introduce the concept of the Deeper podcast and announce the release date for the first episode. We want your ideas. Leave a comment here or on Facebook or send us a tweet. Signup to get Deeper in your email each …

Deeper is coming soon!

Deeper is a podcast considering the forces that shape our culture. Are the movies we watch, the cultural practices we participate in, and the music we listen to influencing us in more theological, psychological, and sociological ways than we might initially be aware? There are no rules in this discussion. We are NOT looking to find an answer. We are simply exploring and humoring different theories.

The Deeper podcast will be produced every week. You can comment and access show notes at You can also follow us on Facebook at Come back often and feel free to subscribe to our channel on iTunes, or whichever platform you use to listen.